Announcing our selected designers for Still Lifes: Scottish Jewellery at NYCJW

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Local Heroes and the Incorporation of Goldsmiths are excited to announce our selected designers for Still Lifes: Scottish Jewellery at NYCJW.

Soizig Carey, Michelle Currie, Ruth Leslie, Alison Macleod, Silvia Weidenbach and Heather Woof will have their work presented digitally at one of the world's premiere jewellery showcases, New York City Jewelry Week from 16 to 22 November 2020.

Our six exhibitors were selected by an expert panel and are an eclectic mix of emerging and established jewellers, artists and makers. The exhibition will feature individual still life compositions highlighting key pieces from each designer. These will be styled by Local Heroes and photographed by Gabriela Silveira. The resulting images will be unveiled during the opening of NYCJW on the 16th of November. The curated selection offers audiences in New York and internationally a glimpse of what’s new and fresh about contemporary jewellery from Scotland.

Join us during NYCJW for a fun, immersive and celebratory show-and-tell event. Meet our jewellers, see their work up close and ask questions in a specially created, greenscreen powered environment where Edinburgh and New York meet online for an hour of design themed discussion and exploration.

“For the 2020 iteration of NYCJW, we expand our exploration of all things jewelry beyond our favorite city’s glittering borders and across the globe with the first ever virtual jewelry week. Join us for intimate experiences, new frontiers, fascinating and uniquely personal stories, behind-the-scenes access and unforgettable jewelry moments from inspiring innovative voices from around the world, all from your own home. NYCJW promises to both educate and delight with the largest and most diverse showcase of talent, ideas and jewelry in one virtual week.” – NYCJW

Local Heroes curator Stacey Hunter said: “I’m thrilled to be experimenting with radically new exhibition formats that can make jewellery more accessible to everyone and to be able to bring high quality Scottish design to international audiences.”

Ebba Goring, director of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths said: “This is an exciting partnership and I’m confident this experience will be of great value to our makers. The focus on ethical making is important to us as it underlines Scotland’s proactive role in supporting more sustainable methods and sourcing in jewellery.”

Each of our participating designers will also receive a funded masterclass in jewellery photography from New York’s Alain Simic in order to further strengthen and sustain their creative practice.

Still Lifes: Scottish Jewellery at NYCJW is made possible with the support of the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

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