Furoshiki: Wear, Carry, Wrap, Display

A perfectly portable collection of limited edition design souvenirs.

Daytrippers! is a collaboration between Local Heroes and V&A Dundee that supports designers by commissioning collectable, limited edition souvenirs. ⁠

We're back with a new collection for summer 2022, exploring the idea of ‘Design To Take With You’. These special commissions will help to make your next day trip colourful, fun and more sustainable.

Our souvenirs are displayed on customised Christiania cargo bikes at the V&A Dundee plaza (every day, 11am - 5pm) and on sale now at the V&A Dundee Shop.

 Risotto . Instrmnt . Karen Mabon


We create design centered exhibitions at home and internationally through fairs, festivals and biennales.

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Hilary Grant . Trakke . Jennifer Kent


We give designers and makers opportunities to flourish by commissioning new work, enabling them to show that craft and contemporary design are an important part of our cultural identity.

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Laura Spring . Cecilia Stamp . Emer Tumilty


We partner with organisations and brands to present the work of exceptional designers. From airports and  hotels to music awards, art hubs and business associations.

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Green Thomas . Ruth Mitchell . Giulia Fiorista


As well as producing our own publications, we work to increase the visibility of designers via our monthly column in Scotland’s biggest independent cultural magazine, and our projects which are featured in major design publications.

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