The Lounge Chair


Instrmnt Applied Design x Hame

Instrmnt Applied Design (I–AD) is a Glasgow-based, multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Pete Sunderland and Ross Baynham. Their focus lies in creating industrial goods with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and attainability. I–AD present an updated version of The Lounge Chair – a project initiated during the lockdown of summer 2020. The chair was built in collaboration with Glasgow-based furniture makers HAME and utilised the expertise of four other local craftspeople and creatives.

The material palette for this edition was chosen with the aim of creating as little additional environmental impact as possible. Timber was sourced from a wind-felled sycamore at the Wemyss Estate on the East Coast of Scotland. This was paired with linen salvaged from the now defunct
Peter Grieg factory, which was based in Kirkcaldy - less than five miles from where the tree fell. Due to the use of the materials in their entirety, this is a one of a kind piece.

“The locality of materials for this new commission was a continuation of a key concept from our initial run of chairs: to manufacture and source as locally as possible and support local craftspeople in the process.”

The Lounge Chair, sycamore, stainless steel, linen


Instrmnt is a Glasgow-based, multi-disciplinary design studio focused on creating industrial-led products with an emphasis on quality, simplicity and attainability above all else. Baynham and Sunderland hold a keen interest in the functional, utilitarian products and tools produced during that time period: from the simple, readable dials of analog ammeters and voltmeters to the revolutionary minimalism of Dieter Rams.  Instrmnt’s work has been recognised and exhibited by the V&A, London Design Festival, Paris & New York Fashion Week & as part of Scotland's Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design with Local Heroes at Edinburgh Airport.

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