The Isles of Reclaimed Wonderment

C.A. Walac

C.A. Walac x Juli Bolaños-Durman

C.A. Walac and Juli Bolaños-Durman have collaborated to create The Isles of Reclaimed Wonderment, a new series of one-of-a-kind lighting sculptures. The collection invites audiences to wander into a world of fantasy – a departure from the usual representations of lighting. The Isles of Reclaimed Wonderment come to life using locally found glass that has been collected, rescued and gifted over the years, alongside graphic wood cutouts.

The French and Costa Rican duo have worked together to assemble these pieces, transforming waste material into fantastical and functional pieces. Composed of piled glass towers, bottle-buildings and fluted loops, reminiscent of fun fairs and abstract scientific devices, each piece has a unique topological personality.

“The Isles of Reclaimed Wonderment series springs from a desire to decorate our homes with beautiful and joyful objects.”

“Stepping into her studio was like stepping into a candy and jewellery store all at once. Her focus on rescuing and highlighting the world’s lost and fallen beauties is incredibly fascinating. While our work met on a playful angle, she definitely shed some colours and light on my darkness, for the better.”
– Walac on Bolaños-Durman

“When I see her work, I am energised. Her approach to design is fresh and authentic and makes everyday furniture fun and unexpected.”
– Bolaños-Durman on Walac