Stained Glass

Pavilion Pavilion

Pavilion Pavilion is an exploration of the relationship between contemporary art and objects of use. Initiated by artist Jack Brindley in 2019, Pavilion Pavilion combines Brindley’s research as an artist and his interest in design and architecture through the making of objects and hosting of exhibitions.

Brindley designed two new works in stained glass for The Future of Home: a site specific work titled Door Piece (Stepped Grid in Blue) which is situated at the threshold of our exhibition space; and a hinged wall-mounted work. Both pieces take their visual cues from hardline abstraction whilst being constructed using traditional materials and processes. Brindley’s work considers how contemporary stained glass sits between an artwork and an architectural embellishment and asks ‘What does sculpture do to architecture and what does architecture do to sculpture?’

“Primarily as an artist my approach to Stained Glass has been to explore contemporary, and minimalist compositions in relation to architecture. I believe that it is most important for the artwork to reflect the quality of light available in the space and to respond to the existing architecture. The aim should be to enhance what is already present in the room and not to overshadow it.”

Brindley was born in London and lived in the city for 25 years. He is based in Edinburgh and is currently working on a range of domestic commissions.