Soizig Carey

Glasgow’s Soizig Carey creates what might be termed modern-mystical artefacts using silver and gold. Her current collection, Estética will be exhibited with Local Heroes. This explores geometric formulas, rotating movements and, principally, the circle. Also on display are Soizig’s Madame earrings – the culmination of her collaboration with designer, Gabriella Marcella of RISOTTO. Soizig describes her work as drawing heavily from publications by artist, designer and inventor, Bruno Munari, and by mathematician and philosopher, Matila Ghyka. “They each explore geometry in art and nature and create visual case studies of shapes.

Soizig Carey

Soizig Carey is a designer maker based in Glasgow, specialising in contemporary handmade jewellery and objects. Soizig’s collections are influenced by architecture, graphics and narratives, integrating traditional and modern craft techniques. Using casting, engraving, embossing and riveting processes, Soizig creates precious metal forms which can be worn or serve as meaningful and playful objects.

She is committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing and uses fairly mined or recycled gemstones and precious metals wherever possible. Estética’ is Soizig’s most recent jewellery and objects collection which explores geometric formulas, rotating movements and principally, the circle.

‘The circle is related to the divine: a simple circle has, since ancient times, represented eternity, since it has no beginning and no end.’ (Bruno Munari)

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