sgrafitto Cotton Scarf

Mhari McMullan

Mhari McMullan is one of a trio of textile designers invited to design a special print for Made In Glasgow by Local Heroes. McMullan’s design brings together a series of handmade marks, symbols and sketches to create a tableau of negative and positive / black and white. The title sgrafitto refers to a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer, typically done in plaster or in slip on ceramics before firing.

“I really like to work in a way that uses the same techniques but different materials - the pattern for this scarf was developed from designs on tiles I made during a residency working with ceramics at Scottish Sculpture Workshops, hence the name sgraffito”

Mhari’s design is printed on cotton voile and is part of a trio produced by the team at The Glasgow School of Art’s Centre For Advanced Textiles (CAT) – a perfect souvenir of Glasgow design and a practical and fun accessory.

Mhari McMullan

Mhari McMullan is a textile designer, curator and consultant. She works across exhibitions, retail and education in craft and design. Mhari graduated from Central St Martins in 2003 and relocated to Glasgow in 2007. She opened Welcome Home in 2009, is co-curator of Early Learning and is also a founding director of Collect Scotland. All her work stems from a preoccupation with pattern.

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