Proposition Numéro Un Bookcase

C.A. Walac

C.A. Walac is a French multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Glasgow and Perthshire. Her work explores abstract domesticity and spans sculpture, drawing, furniture and poetry. For The Future of Home, Walac presented Proposition Numéro Un – a five tier bookcase, and the first iteration of a reflection on The Art of Stacking. Walac’s work brings together a playful approach to darkness and light where the organic and the geometric sit together in harmony.

“It contends with the flatness we created for ourselves in order to keep things still. As an extension of architecture, the shelves display and compose, in a protected shelter, the material sum of our being. They present us face to face with the belongings that we collect, choose to keep in sight, or expose to our guests. They are still lifes until we come to interact. In the perimeter of our extended arms, it is an exercise in balance. The Art of Stacking plays with functionality within that space.”

Walac seeks to abstract domestic environments, forge uncanny practicalities within our everyday lives and to push away the generic lines of economic production. The project digs into painting and sculpture to explore storage and display. With the composition and arrangement of shapes opening up new dimensions, both for the mind and body, it gives a stage for objects to flirt with abstraction and arrange intimate portraits.

Proposition Numéro Un Bookcase from The Art of Stacking series, lacquered wood, 120 x 103 x 22 cm