Profile Sunglasses

Banton Frameworks

Designed and manufactured in-house, in Glasgow, Banton Frameworks Profile Sunglasses are precision machined from premium Italian acetate and rotationally polished for a high quality satin matte finish. They feature hypoallergenic unipiece temples/arms that are fixed in place using stainless steel rivets with five barrel hinges. Banton Frameworks have designed built their own manufacturing methods to produce the finest eyewear that is “subtly distinctive, not attention grabbing, but it catches your eye”

Banton Frameworks

The UK eyewear industry once produced over five million spectacle frames a year from an industry of a thousand factories. Now, only a handful remain. Banton Frameworks are helping to change this. Born from a passion for design and manufacture. Founders Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett were inspired by the UK’s manufacturing past, which was renowned for producing high quality goods that could last you a lifetime. The company’s approach to design is focused on functional, well considered, understated aesthetics. They believe this surpasses the wasteful nature of momentary fashion.

The UK’s industrious heritage inspired Lucy and Jamie to create their own production in Glasgow. Redressing the balance between what is designed here and what is made here. That’s why they created their own processes and honed skills that can be passed on, building a legacy for the future.

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