Landforms Wallpaper Collection

Bespoke Atelier

Founders Marion Parola and Yvonne Elliott-Kellighan’s passion for bold graphic prints and playful curiosity for materials are the foundations of Glasgow studio Bespoke Atelier. For The Future of Home, the duo presented their Landforms collection, capturing the elegant topography of Scotland and creating a tranquil oasis of calm.

This innovative modular wallpaper collection has been inspired by a rediscovery of natural surroundings and is a celebration of the mountainous landscape, rugged coastlines and lush gardens of Scotland. Undulating lines reveal the hidden beauty and textures of land and sea contrasting with minimal rural architecture. Landforms comprises seven designs in a variety of colour options designed for contemporary interior spaces.

“Our designs are tailor-made, conveying the mood and feeling of a space by uncovering hidden gems. Inspiration can come from a dramatic landscape or a meaningful conversation. Each piece begins on paper, drawing shapes, details and textures we find inspiring. Our innovative wallpapers are designed not to repeat. All parts of the roll work together to form a seamless wallcovering. There is no right or wrong way to apply it.”

Bespoke Atelier have been blending the worlds of architecture and art for over a decade, inventing unique patterns to enhance interiors, products and buildings. Their specialist design team works across a variety of sustainable surfaces to transform any space into an uplifting escape.