Lacy Tree Chandelier and Cabbage Patch Kits


Inspired by Tiffany and the vegetal ceramics of Portuguese pottery firm Bordallo Pinheiro, Urpflanze creates modern lamps using botanical and ornamental forms. The studio utilises contemporary processes and materials, whilst drawing on the traditions of the decorative arts, to create products that brighten up spaces.

The Lacy Tree Chandelier features frosted green laser cut acrylic leaves that descend from the ceiling, supported by a brass armature. The position of the leaves and distribution of light can be adjusted to suit an individual living space or workspace.

Also presented at LDF, Urpflanze’s Cabbage Patch Kits honour the beauty of the humble allotment vegetable and continue the theme of the studio’s popular and irreverent Eat Up lampshade series. The leaves of these small lamps are handcrafted in frosted acrylic, individually shaped, and punctured with caterpillar holes. Like cabbages in a patch, each lamp is slightly different. Customers can choose the colour of their lamp shade and cable, and have the option to buy the shade on its own, to use with a pre-existing lamp fitting.

All products are designed and made in Glasgow using local fabricators and suppliers wherever possible, and Urpflanze are currently working on plans for a bespoke range, offering personalised commissions based on an individual’s favourite plant or flower.