Folds Interior/Exterior Furniture


Myatt-McCallum is a partnership between Charles Myatt and Jack McCallum. Both trained in sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art where they shared a keen interest in material
and technical processes, forming the basis of their current practise. Their furniture is created using experimental concrete casting techniques, harnessing the plasticity of concrete,
and making fluid forms that mirror that flowability.

Together, Myatt-McCallum have developed a unique mould-making process to produce their distinctive concrete furniture. Their technique exploits an unconventional but completely reusable mould material, which avoids some of the often wasteful practises within the concrete industry. For The Future of Home, the duo presented Folds; a series that includes concrete chairs, stools and planters. This furniture collection is suitable for interior and exterior use. The distinctive rippled forms are always individual; no one piece is the same.

“Our process dictates that we pour multiple items at the same time. The pieces interlock with one another creating three dimensional puzzles where components often fit together on different planes.”