Disco Rectangle 001 Rug

Studio Sam Buckley

Studio Sam Buckley is an Edinburgh based design studio working in interiors, architecture, furniture and object design. The studio is known and appreciated for its colourful design schemes and bold use of pattern. For LDF 2021, Buckley collaborated with Milan’s cc-tapis to create the Disco Rectangle 001, a large-scale hand-tufted rug, manufactured in Nepal by expert Tibetan artisans. The design is part of an ongoing exploration of simple semi-circular forms that obey a strict grid, but are otherwise free to interact in form, colour and texture.

“I’ve been working in a range of different media, so it’s nice to be able to develop those ideas into a new rug. I studied in Milan and have been back to the Salone almost every year until the pandemic, so I’m pleased to have been able to collaborate with cc-tapis to pursue this new direction from
my base in Edinburgh.”

Buckley works with geometric shapes and grids as a methodology from his technical studies. He combines this with a bold approach to colour, and a desire to offer something new to the marketplace. The resulting designs are unique and often have their roots in simple ideas, but are characterised by Buckley’s unconventional approach.

He likes to work with some of the finest materials to create truly memorable pieces of furniture and objects; always exploring new ideas and techniques to help inform and direct the material and design choices.

Disco Rectangle 001 Rug (part of an ongoing series), custom project produced by cc-tapis, wool on cotton, 260 x 300 cm